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Living in Season: New Moon, Mercury Stations Direct - April 2019

New Moon. New opportunities. New dreams. A brand new cycle. The moon as simply an astronomical body actually has a fascinating history. Did you know that the Moon is actually a part of the Earth? Scientists have confirmed that moon rock has the same oxygen isotopes as Earth rock...meaning both of these planets share an origin story. This origin story of our moon starts out with a theoretical planet scientists refer to as Theia that made a collision with the Earth. Theia crashed into the Earth with such a force that it actually become a part of our Earth while fracturing a piece off - this piece is our moon. So if you've ever looked up at the night sky at the Moon feeling like that body is somehow part of the Earth, you wouldn't be wrong. And while it is scientifically proven that the moon governs our oceanic tides, the moon is often blamed for emotionality and irrational behavior in people. Just some modern mythology around this ancient body.

But what scientists now tout as our Moon's origin story is not the only one we've told ourselves. Ancient peoples also had their own versions of both the origin story and their own mythologies around the Moon's effect on the Earth and its peoples. In the Western world, we attribute the Moon with feminine energies. Her effect on physical and emotional bodies can be seen in oceanic tide cycles, having a 28-day cycle like folks who menstruate, and increased phenomena during pregnancy. Many Goddesses, including but not limited to Artemis, Selene, Hecate, Epona, Mahina, Astarte, and Mawu -have correspondence to the Moon and are often heralded as being divine protectors of women. But this isn't the only world view. In Latvia for example, the moon is actually associated with the God Mēness, the God of War, magick, and redemption. It is said he betrayed the Sun Goddess by harming Her daughter - and as a result, Saule took out her sword and disfigured his face - as such, he covers his face every month as the way to repay his trespasses. Whether an opportunity to observe your physical or emotional body, a path to knowledge or even redemption - how will the moon show up in you this month?

Mercury Stations Direct - March 28th

We survived the first Mercury in retrograde of 2019 y'all! I hope that you had a lot of time to do some self-reflection on your communcation patterns. Now it's time to get back to business!

Pro-Tips: The moment Mercury stations direct is often the height of when we feel his retrograde the strongest. Think of it as one final opportunity to take some effective action on any negative communication patterns. If you've been experiencing some serious communication breakdowns, you should notice smoother patterns. Focus your energies on clearer communications. Start that big dream you've been holding off on. Be gentle with yourself.

New Moon: April 5th

We have just crossed from the time of Pisces to the time of Aries. Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac, and is often associated with strong, passionate, courageous and turbulent energies.

Pro-tips: This New moon comes off the good foot of Mercury stationing direct and kicks off cycle of Aries. Let the strong, passionate energy of Aries come up and out to manifest your dreams!

What dreams have you been putting off because you do not believe you can see them to fruition? Are there areas of your life that need development but also courage? What project could you kick off if you knew you had the powers of Nature and the Universe behind you? Set your intentions on April 5th whether they are for your health, your career, your friendships or your loves and see what happens! As you set your intentions for the month, don't forget to make a plan to see your dreams through. Remember - April comes from the root word "aperire" meaning "to open" - what ways will you open for yourself this April?

If you would like some personal recommendations on how to set great health goals in tandem with the moon or if you have yet to get your health tune-up for spring, please book your appointment at Amazon Grove today.

New moon blessings,


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