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Big Solar Eclipse Energy June 2021

Tomorrow, June 10th the earth will be the unique viewing room for a “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse - meaning a partial solar eclipse in Gemini. In addition to the Solar Eclipse energy, we will be getting a dose of new moon energy** as well (tomorrow’s new moon is also in Gemini). All while Mercury is in Retrograde (Mercury is the messenger of the Zodiac and is the planetary ruler of Gemini).

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to energetically prepare or what ritual to do in preparation for this celestial event. Here’s a few tips:

  • The days leading up to and just after an eclipse can stir up some emotions that we have not yet fully processed. Allow yourself the gift of some extra time to process these feelings, and at the very least, be gentle with your tender heart.

  • Try not to make any big decisions like signing contracts, moving, stepping up or down any emotional connections with people, or other big serious life decisions. Sometimes this isn’t possible and that’s okay! Just be sure to give yourself enough time to thoroughly review all those clauses and don’t be afraid to ask for partnership in getting a fuller perspective on what it is you’re trying to do

  • Eclipses in general are a great time to do some journeying inward to tend to your inner world. Meditation, breath work, journaling, body work - these are all great ways to tend to your inner landscape. We all have some hurts or suffering that we are walking back to the light - eclipses are a wonderful time to be more mindful in this process.

  • Try not to take anything too personally - this one can be a little tricky, because just as the sun and the moon overlap their boundaries you may be feeling a little shaky about where one thing ends and where you begin. Send some loving energy to tending to your own boundaries, staying present, and practice not being afraid to ask for the time you need to make a well worded and heart opened good decision or observation.

And as always, if you have any questions about some rituals or self care routines or if you’d like a card reading to help you find a good path forward, please book an appointment.

Stay safe out there!

** Fun fact - Solar eclipses always happen on a New Moon while lunar eclipses always happen on a Full moon.

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