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Moon Musings: Full Moon in Libra, April 2019

Our ancient ancestors tracked the passage of time (especially the seasons) by the lunar calendar as opposed to the solar calendar. The moon has three key stages: New, Full, and Waning - each with its own set of correspondences and lore. I spoke of certain lore and correspondences of the New Moon earlier this month, but the basic recap is that New Moons in any season are perfect for sowing seeds, starting the dreaming process, and looking at areas in your life that need growth. But seeing your magickal dreams through doesn't just stop there. It's a living, growing thing. Something that needs tending, shepherding, and some tender loving care. That's where the Full Moon can help.

As we have nurtured our new moon wishes and have seen them change and grow full like the moon, the Full moon is a perfect opportunity to reassess. What areas have come to fruition from the intentions we spoke at New Moon? Where could we course correct? What are some details or dreams that we need to let go of in order to make room for new growth? Full Moon is an excellent time to look at our soul's goals and find the joy, solace, and conviction for bigger and better dreams and what dreams we should let go of.

Pink Creeping Phlox
Pink Creeping Phlox, the source of April's Moon name

April Full Moon 2019

April's Pink moon falls on Friday, April 19th in the sign of Libra. In North America, the name for April's moon is "Pink Moon"- not because it has a rosy hue, but because of a pink wildflower called wild ground phlox that tends to sprout up this time of year. Libra is best friends with Venus, the planet that rules love and relationships. This full moon is also opposite Uranus, the planet that rules change. Use this astrology to your advantage and enjoy some spontaneity, independence and change while allowing for extra patience for communication about love and relationship.

Tips for self care and ritual this Full Moon:

  1. Libra is all about balance. Evaluate where you could bring some more balance into your life. What seeds did you plant at New Moon? Are there places in the growth of your dream that require a reassessment? Especially pay attention to places in your emotional body where you could bring some more balance and peace around your dreams, wishes and goals. Feel the love for your dreams and loved ones fill your space and envision them loving you right back. Allow for Uranus to illuminate where you'd like to grow and change. Go inside and really take a moment to do some self-evaluation. Then based on what you learn, set new or adjusted goals, and be sure let go of whatever no longer serves you (including relationships to yourself or others that are not longer working, or mundane items like old clothes or household items).

  2. Use your correspondences to really pave a clear path with your personal and/or magickal workings. For this full moon, decorate your altar with some Pink phlox or other pink flower, a pink altar cloth, or some rose quartz. Find an image of Venus and allow Her to tell you some things about your love life and relationships. Have your cards read or do an oracle reading for yourself. Cleanse your sacred tools and/or your entire space by burning some aromatic herbs or anointing with your favorite cleansing essential oil. Course correct your current magickal workings or set some short term workings in motion. I love Bay leaves for this - I can write down my dreams on the leaves and then burn them in a fire-safe container both setting a working in motion while simultaneously and aromatically cleansing my space.

  3. Find your own way to enjoy the moon. If your practice does not call for exploring deities or an altar or if you just do not have the resources to do all that - just take a moment to go outside and actually look up at the moon. Take a moon bath where you allow Her rays to wash over you. Envision yourself being filled with positivity on your in-breath, and on your out-breath picture everything no longer serving you to be blown away with your breath. Invite some friends over and build each other up.

As always, if you would like some personal recommendations for how you can enjoy your Full Moon, a tarot reading, or some wellness guidance, please book an appointment. I'd love to see you.

Brightest Full Moon Blessings, ~Rachelle

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